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Hello, my name is Catherine Granger. Born in Paris, France but living now in Northern California, I am a software engineer and also a wine lover with a 700+ bottles collection. I have been seriously collecting wines since 1996, since the day I received a wine cabinet for my birthday, actually. But my collection really grew after we built a 1000 bottles wine cellar in our house.

Although my wine collection comprises a majority of Bordeaux and California Cabernets, I have owned or tasted wines from at least 13 different countries and 50 different varietals and I am always eager to explore new flavors. I think that the world of wine is becoming increasingly exciting with more and more bottles from around the world waiting to be discovered at our local wine shops.

I have designed and developed as a powerful yet easy to use online wine cellar software. This is the tool that I use everyday to update my cellar inventory and record tasting notes about the wines I drink.

Why another wine cellar software?

It is not easy to manage a collection, especially a wine collection. With wine, you need to record every bottle that you buy and drink, not forget the wines that are getting mature, and remember the ones you liked and the ones you did not like.

With a growing wine collection to maintain, I looked at different wine cellar management applications that were on the market and bought what looked like the best for my needs. This was a software that had to be installed on a personal computer, with its own local database. The application required that all my wines had to be entered by hand, and, without a lot of pre-loaded information, it was a lengthy operation. I also wished that the software would help me keep track of my future orders, flagging the ones that I had already received and showing me the ones that were still pending. Multiple events happening on the same bottle like multiple purchases at different prices were not handled very well. Finally, the search capabilities were poor. For example, there was no easy way to quickly search for wines that were ready to drink.

After a while, I found the software too cumbersome to use and started thinking about designing my own cellar management system.

Resolving these flaws and limitations has been the purpose of designing The software is based on a single online database with a lot of preloaded knowledge in order to make data entry simple and fast. Entering a new wine only needs a few simple clicks as the software defaults a lot of information about that wine. With a shared database, users can reuse the wines that others had previously entered and access their tasting notes. Other features include rich search capabilities, quick data import, community related features and the ability to handle an International community with multiple currencies and languages. A French version of the software is planned for this coming year.

Building a database based on data freely entered by the community has also its challenges as is hard to keep the data "clean". There is no naming conventions for wines and it is often the case that the same wine appears under different names. This can create duplicate and inconsistent information, as well as provide confusing search results. One of my main goals for this project is to make sure that the database stays clean and that wines are correctly described. Any wine that is entered by a user is carefully checked against the producer's wine datasheet or any other wine resources.

Launch of the site

I started using this software to manage my own cellar as soon as I had enough inventory features up and working. Then I moved to a trial phase during which the site was open to a small group of friends. I was lucky to receive very useful advice and feedback from these early users, which helped improve the site, especially in the area of navigation and ease of use.

The site was officially launched as a free online service in September 2004 and since then, has welcomed a growing international audience with registered members from more than 15 different countries. The amount and diversity of users is the real asset of this service and attracting a worldwide community of wine lovers which can share their passion and knowledge about wine is now my main goal.

I hope that you are enjoying using If you have any problems, or see a feature you wish we would add, please contact me. And, if you have not discovered yet the benefits of registering, become a member.

Thank you again for visiting