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Cellar Import
You can import your cellar or part of your cellar using a tab delimited text file of the following format:

Here is a sample file for you to use if you need to: samplecellar.txt
→ The import will be done in 2 steps:
  • The result of the upload will be displayed. Check the data before submitting it for import.
  • Once submitted, the data will be imported into your virtual wine cellar.
Please select the file you want to import your cellar from:
check this if you want to replace all your current wines by this import
Data Format Information:
 • Date: YYYY-MM-DD
 • Vintage: blank if the wine is non-vintage
 • Appellation: a wine region
 • Varietal: a type of grape like Cabernet Sauvignon
 • Size: number in ml, defaulted to 750 if not specified
 • Quantity: defaulted to 1 if not specified
 • Price: a floating number